Minnetonka Moccasins For Baby Girls

Minnetonka Baby Girls

Minnetonka moccasins are one of our favorite little treats for the rustic baby. From cute pink and red moccasins to classic thunderbird and shearling styles, you really can’t go wrong with these baby girl shoes. Pick from a wide variety of colors and styles, these moccasins have been tested for years and have always come up as a favorite of both moms and fashion stars. Here are our picks for the best 10 baby girl moccasins. Shop the entire Minnetonka collection.

Baby Girl Minnetonka Moccasins

1. Shearling Tied Baby Bootie

2. Red Bootie

3. Pink Fringe Bootie

4. Fringe Booties

5. Purple Baby Bootie

6. Baby Shearling Booties

7. Hello Kitty Fringe Walker

8. Pink Baby Bootie

9. Double Fringe – Pink

10. Pink Thunderbird Moccasin

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