10 Rustic Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Rustic Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Planning the perfect rustic birthday party for your little one is easy once you have a good theme. Coming up with a fun theme might be slightly harder than you first thought so to help you get started we came up with a list of our favorite rustic kids birthday parties. From little lumberjack parties to a movie night under the stars party we have 10 of the best party themes for your kids big day.

1. Cowboy & Cowgirl

A classic birthday party which lends itself so well to both a girl or boy party is the cowboy, cowgirl theme. Many people are taking the traditional black and white theme and making it colorful and whimsical and perfect for your little buckaroo.

Cowboy Birthday Party

Cowboy Birthday Party

Source: Anders Ruff

2. Barnyard & Farm

A wonderful theme for a first birthday is the farm or barnyard theme. This party works so well for the little ones because they often are in love with barn animals at this age.

Barnyard Birthday Party

3. Little Lumberjack

The perfect party for your little rustic baby is this fun lumberjack theme. Think of adding plaids with a woodland look. Pinecones and pine trees can be the backbone of the party look and you can fill your party with finger foods and treats.

4. Camp

Host a camp in your own backyard with this fun camp themed party. This party can be decked out with teepees and sleeping bags and a campfire or can be kept simple with just treats, s’mores and backyard games.

Camp Birthday Party

Camping Birthday Party

5. Equestrian

If you have a son or daughter who love horses or who loves to ride than you might want to consider an equestrian themed party. Look at hosting your party at a barn party venue and allow each child to take a short little ride on a horse!

6. Fishing Themed

Perfect for the little boy or girl who loves to spend afternoons fishing on the lake. Make this party special by giving each child a tackle box looking party favor and play fun fishing like games in the backyard!

7. Rodeo

A slight take on the cowboy party, the rodeo party can be super fun for a 1st birthday party. Add somethings special like this sign for a 2nd birthday party.

8. Woodland

Have a child who loves the outdoors and all of the nature that goes with it? Host a cute woodland party and fill the party with birch decorations and little woodland friends.

Woodland Birthday Party

Woodland Birthday Party

Source: Catch My Party

9. Outdoor Movie Night

A great idea for the slightly older kid and a fun take on the traditional slumber party. Host a outdoor movie night where you show your child’s favorite movie and create different snack stations around your backyard.

Outdoor Movie Night

10. County Fair

Games and prizes are just the tip of the fun that can be had at a county fair birthday. Stock your backyard with carnival like games and small little rides for the perfect county fair birthday.

Country Fair Birthday Party

Rustic Kids Birthday Party Ideas

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