10 Things Every Nursery Needs

What Every Baby Nursery Should Have

1. Crib

Many times parents don’t use the crib until the baby is a few months old but it is still the most used piece in a nursery. It works great as a place to set the baby down while you fold a quick basket of laundry, a location for your baby to take a safe little nap and of course a warm and friendly spot for your little on to play.

2. Bassinet

Often parents decide on having their new baby room with them for the first few months so they can get up easily and feed and change the baby so a bassinet or co-sleeper is needed. There are so many different types of bassinets and they range in price and style so you will defiantly be able to find one that works for you.

3. Rocking Chair

Nothing is more soothing that gliding in a rocking chair. Not only is this a great way to get your little one to sleep but it also can be a good place to feed your baby as well.

4. Changing Table

Once you have your little one you will find yourself changing diapers more than anything else. A good changing table can help make this repeated task easier. There are both stand alone changing tables and ones that pull double duty as a dresser and it does not matter what type you get as long as you find one that functions well for you.

5. Artwork

Making your child’s nursery colorful and decorated is not only fun but important since you will want your new baby to have something to look at. I think it is fun to shop sites like Etsy as well as sites like The Land of Nod and Pottery Barn Kids for fun prints and unique art.

6. Bookshelf With Books

Reading to your child is one of the many joys of being a parent. Having a bookshelf with books that you can start reading to your baby is something you can do the moment the baby comes out. I love it when a nursery has wonderful books ready and waiting for when reading starts.

7. Nightlight

I learned this lesson the hard way but you need to add a nightlight to your shopping list for the nursery. At first this nightlight is not for the baby but for you really. When you are up in the middle of the night the last thing you want to do is turn on the strong lights which will just make you and your baby more awake. A nightlight is good for those late night diaper changes and feedings.

8. Video Monitor

With the technology that we have available to us there is no reason we should not be taking advantage of it. Having a video monitor is something I resisted for awhile but now that I have two kids it makes things like running down to the laundry room possible since I can keep an eye on the baby and know he is fine and happy in his crib. A video monitor is also very helpful for the middle of the night so you can see if you really do need to get up and go in to the nursery or if you baby will go back to sleep in a minute or two.

9. A Stack Of White Onesies

A must for any nursery is a big stack of white onesies. Not only are white onesies the least expensive clothing option you can always mix and match them with all your other baby clothes and the way you go through onesies having several available to you will make the changes that much easier.

10. Infant Chair

Any sort of infant seat, bouncy chair or swing is the key to being able to put your baby down and still have them close to you in the house. For example, I often put my son down in our Fisher Price Lamb Chair and have it in the kitchen which allows me to be able to do a few dishes and still have my eyes on him.

Great list of 10 things every baby nursery should have

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