Mommy Hack: How To Teach Your Child To Put On Their Own Shoes


When my now 5 year old was about 2 I started working with him about how he could put on his own shoes – after several days of failed attempts with shoes on the wrong feet and lots of frustration I knew there had to be a better way! While leaving the doctors office one day with Jack proudly waving his sticker from the office I had a Mommy Hack moment…. what if I cut the sticker in half and put each half in one shoes – when the sticker is lined up properly then you know the shoes are in the right order! Needless to say we never had another problem lining up the shoes and putting them on the right feet thanks to the Lighting McQueen sticker!

image1 image2 See the trick that will teach your toddler how to line up their shoes and get them on their feet right every time. See more mommy hacks too! See all the best Mommy Hacks from successful entrepreneur, Maggie Lord

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