DIY Mason Jar Heart Candles

DIY Heart Mason Jar Project

We found this amazing project over at blog and we wanted to share since thought it was the perfect craft to do with your little one leading up to Valentine’s Day. This project can easily be done in one day and can be the perfect little decoration to add to your home. Head over to to read the entire blog post on this project along with many others.


STEP 1: Materials:

1. Spray Paint, color of your choice (preferably red or pink for V-Day)
2. Decorative ribbon or yarn
3. Painter’s tape
4. Any sized jar
5. Box Cutter Knife or Scalpel
6. Warm White Constellation Series 50 LED String Lights or a flameless candle depending on the size of your jar (a tea light is recommended to fit any sized jar also!)
7. Permanent Marker

DIY Heart Mason Jar ProjectSTEP 2: Add a few stripes of painter’s tape on one side of the jar. You can then draw any size heart on the tape using a permanent marker.

DIY Heart Mason Jar ProjectSTEP 3: With a box cutter or scalpel knife, cut along the heart you drew on the tape. Then start peeling off the tape around the heart.

DIY Heart Mason Jar Project

STEP 4: Start spraying all over the jar with spray paint. After it’s fully dried, carefully peel off the taped heart.

DIY Heart Mason Jar ProjectStep 5: With the decorative ribbon or yarn that you’ve picked out, tie a bow around the top of the jar. It’s a nice way to add a little more texture to your project.

DIY Heart Mason Jar ProjectSTEP 6: Add in the 50 LED copper wire lights or a flameless tea light

DIY Heart Mason Jar Project

DIY Heart Mason Jar Project
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