Review: Lotus Everywhere Crib by Guava Family


With several summer trips coming up I was in the market for a new travel crib for my 5 month old. I was looking for a new pack and play that would not only meet all of the standards but also be easy to transport and comfortable. After researching several different options I settled on the Lotus Everywhere Crib from Guava Family. Here is my break down of the crib and my review. Shop this crib now.

Lotus Travel Crib

What We Love

– True to what Guava Family says this crib is super easy to set up – in fact we did it in under the 15 seconds they claim.

– The full mesh sides gave us a complete view of the baby and we did not worry about the baby rolling up against a non-breathable surface.

– The fact that this crib sits basically on the ground fixes our issue with the more traditional pack and play where the baby is laying on a raised board which we found always to be noisy and uncomfortable.

– The zipper opening on the side makes for easy in and out for baby but it is also a back saver when you have a baby that needs or likes you to lay with them and rub their back.

Lotus Travel Crib

Lotus Travel Crib

What We Don’t Love

– The only thing we can say is that it is low to the ground so if you don’t plan on using the zipper opening on the side make sure you have plenty of bend in your back and knees.

Lotus Travel Crib

Works For

– Anyone who is on the go would love this travel crib.

– Perfect if you need a nice, safe, convenient place for your baby to play and sleep when traveling or just at home.

– When traveling alone this crib is perfect since it is light and easy to set up.

Lotus Travel Crib

Review Wrap Up

All of us here at Rustic Baby Chic would be happy to recommend this travel crib and feel like it is the perfect for anyone in the market for a travel crib. I love the fact that this crib also comes with a separate case, I never liked the idea of the mattress being on the outside of the pack and play for storage. This travel crib is a home run and we think everyone will be a happy sleeper in it. Shop this crib now.

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