Mommy Hack: Keep Track Of Medicine Doses Easily


One of my biggest fear as a parent is giving my child too much medicine and of course no one wants to forget an important dosage of antibiotics. Shortly after having my second son, Charlie I came up with a quick and failsafe way to keep track of making sure I had given out the correct number of medicine dosages when the kids were sick. This mommy hack takes less than 30 seconds and will keep you from asking yourself “did I give him is meds today?”

Step one: Grab a sticker or piece of paper and tape or apply it to the medicine bottle.

Step two: Using a permanent marker write out how many days the meds will be given and how many times per day.

Step three: Make a check next to each day and/or dosage given to the child.

A mommy hack to remember if you gave your child their medicine See the quick and easy way to remember you have given the right dosage for you child's medicine - Mommy Hack from See all the best Mommy Hacks from successful entrepreneur, Maggie Lord


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