The Creative Spotlight: Lindsay From Aratari At HOME

I am so excited to debut a new series on Rustic Baby Chic called The Creative Spotlight! In this section I will spotlight and share all of my favorite bloggers, designers, writers and more. Today we are sharing the spotlight with Lindsay from Aratati At Home, a talented blogger, new mom and just an all around wonderful inspiration!

1. How, when and why did your create your blog/site?

I started my blog, Aratari At HOME in December of 2015. I went to college for fashion so I have always been very creatively driven. I wanted a creative outlet and I loved home decor so I decided to start blogging about it. I decided to just jump into the blogging world & see what would happen. I’ve never looked back & I’ve loved it ever since I began!

2. Now that you are a mom when do you get your blog work done?

I do a lot of my blogging when Dominic is napping during the day or at night once he has gone to bed for the night. It helps that my husband is super supportive & will help me out with everything so that I can pursue my blogging!

3. Your Instagram following is pretty impressive – how did you grow this following?

I have been genuine & myself from the beginning which I think has helped grow my following! I think (hope) that I am relatable and a source of inspiration for others. I have done some fun collaborations with other bloggers/brands which has given me more exposure as well. I think finding a niche where I have found like minded people to bounce ideas off of & to lift each other up has worked for me too! Check out Aratari At HOME on IG



4. What is your favorite type of feature to write about on your blog?

I started out with my blog being mainly home decor/DIY related, but as I have grown as a person & blogger, I have expanded my blog to include more aspects of my life. I realized that home decor is not my only passion to write about. I have a degree in fashion merchandising so clothing & style have always been a big part of my life, therefore, I started to sprinkle that in. Then becoming a Mom in September of 2017 was another fun part of my life that I began to share. I think right now, in this season of my life, I am loving the motherhood posts I have been doing. The home decor posts will always be a part of my blog as that is how I began & truly what I enjoy doing, but as Dominic grows, it’s been fun to share those moments & things that we are learning along the way.


5. Now that you have a son what changes have you made to your cozy home?

For one, we created a nursery! That was the best of both worlds for me, combining my love for home decor plus motherhood! We basically got to create that room from scratch as it was just a blank canvas waiting to become a nursery when the time came. Dominic isn’t very mobile yet so the house has stayed pretty much the same (baby proofing will be happening in the near future!), but we now have baby toys, blankets, books, seats, play mats, & a pack & play all over the house! I have added a lot more storage to our living room to keep the toys & baby things in one convenient area. Baskets have been a new obsession for me to organize everything!


6. What Would like the future for Aratari At Home to look like?

I am hoping Aratari At Home will continue to grow & be a happy place for new moms, expecting moms, home decor enthusiasts, DIY lovers, & people who just want to follow along with our life. I am hoping to do more with the motherhood branch of the blog as this is so new to me. We have some fun home renovation projects we want to tackle this year so I am excited to share those! Also, maybe include a little more fashion/style on the blog! There are so many ideas always stirring around in my brain which help me to create new content. I want my blog to be a fun space where readers feel welcomed & like they are my friends.


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