Trending Rustic Baby Names For 2015

Trending Rustic Baby Names For 2015

Naming your baby is a huge decision and with so many options out there is can sometimes be hard finding just the perfect name for your little one. We have recently seen so many rustic baby names top the list for choices that we figured now would be a great time to pull together some of the most popular and trending baby names for 2015. From destination baby names to natured centered baby names we have the trending rustic baby names for 2015. Check out our complete list of rustic style baby names and country inspired baby names for even more choices.

Rustic Baby Names Trends For 2015

Destination Names: Location, location, location… well that old saying no longer applies to just real estate, it now can help you with your baby name. Location names are hot for both boy and girl names but it is really the girls names that have taken over this category. Names such as Georgia, Savannah, Dakota, Cheyenne and thanks to Today’s Show host, Savannah Guthrie we have seen the name Vale spike.

Nature Names: It seems the boys have taken over the nature names with huge trends starting for names like River, Forrest, Hunter and Brooks. These names have all taken on a new meaning with parents located in cities naming their children these types of names not just families in rural locations.

Old Is New Again: Old fashioned names are making a comeback especially when it comes to country and rustic names. For girls we are seeing names like Pearl, Mabel, June, Opal, and Rosie starting to trend. On the boys side of things classic names like Luke, Wade and Wyatt are making a resurgence.

From Boy To Girl: Thanks to celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis who named their little girl Wyatt we are seeing boys names work for girls. Other popular boys names now playing on the girls side are Sawyer, Dakota, Lucky, Perry and Presley.

Top Names: The top boys name in 2014 was Jackson which is also a very popular rustic boys name. We are wondering if Jackson can hold on for another year and stay the top name or will it be overthrown by names such as Max, Weston, Cooper or Colton?

View the complete list of Rustic Baby Names now.

2015 Trending Baby Names

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